Aprilaire Dehumidifiers Coming Soon

Aprilaire will soon be included in our offering of dehumidifiers. Aprilaire’s commitment towards providing end users with the capabilities towards creating and maintaining a healthy whole home environment aligns with our collective endeavors at Emecole Metro. Simple installation and simple operation makes Aprilaire an obvious add-on product for any residential basement or crawl space application.

Aprilaire’s dehumidifiers undergo vigorous inspections prior to leaving their facility and are backed by a generous five-year warranty.

Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1820 – 70 Pint Crawl Space Pro Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1830 Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1830 – 70 Pint Basement Pro Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850 – 95 Pint Basement Pro Dehumidifier

Completing Our Healthy Home Endeavors, Together with Aprilaire

Interested in learning more about Aprilaire dehumidifiers and the selection that will soon be available via Emecole Metro? We’d love to discuss your interest and help steer you towards the right solution for your upcoming project.

Getting in touch with our team of indoor air quality experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.