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Our proven products give contractors the means to provide their end users with most reliable measures to transform wet basements and crawl spaces into dry and healthy living spaces.

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Reasons for Why Basements Commonly Have Water Problems

There are many variables that can result in wet basement and seepage problems. Most issues occur as a result of Mother Nature, i.e., excessive rain which raises the groundwater level around a home, while other issues stem from common building issues that pertain the foundation and/or the surrounding ground and soil. Such issues involve ground settlement which can continue to occur for years after construction.  As water levels rise and/or as the foundation becomes susceptible to hydrostatic pressure, cracking and efflorescence, the end result is water entry into the basement.

Porous Concrete Will Allow Water to Seep Through

As fresh concrete cures, it’s excess water “escapes” to the surface and eventually evaporates, leaving a void of tiny pores, making the foundation vulnerable to water entry once the pressure becomes great enough. While this action doesn’t take place overnight, the process towards eventual water seepage through the foundation can take several years before the problem becomes visibly obvious.

Solving Lingering Water Seepage Requires a Keen Identification of the Problem(s)

Many basement water issues are deemed as lingering, since they can occur from more than just one single cause. That is why it is recommended to have a basement or crawl space thoroughly inspected by a professional waterproofing contractor. The professional contractor brings years of valued experience into their inspections, allowing for the identification of why a specific basement is prone to excessive water and musty smells, while also being able to offer a viable means to solving the problem.

Common Waterproofing Measures Provided by Contractors

Repair Leaking Cracks in Poured Concrete – Cracks that form as a result of concrete shrinkage or foundation settlement. These cracks usually do not pose any structural risk to the foundation, but they do commonly leak water. Low pressure crack injection has become the most cost-effective and time-efficient means for permanently filling and repairing leaking cracks in the foundation.

Repair Structural Cracks and Bowing in the Foundation – Repeated movement around the foundation and excessive settlement can cause cracks that are horizontal, jagged or diagonal. These cracks may continue to become wider overtime and can eventually pose a structural risk to the foundation. The low pressure injection of a high strength epoxy is the best remedy to fill and repair these cracks since the bonding characteristics of epoxy essentially fuses them back together. For more serious structural issues, such as excessive crack formation or bowing of the foundation, carbon fiber options exist that can be done in conjunction with crack injection to add additional stabilization strength to ensure that the foundation is structurally safe.

Encapsulating the Crawl Space with an Effective Vapor Barrier – The crawl space is especially prone to excess moisture, mold and musty smells. Crawl space encapsulation, otherwise known as crawl space sealing or conditioning, has become a proven solution to creating a dry and healthier environment. The components used for the crawl space encapsulation process work congruently to reduce moisture and soil gases while also possibly reducing your home’s energy costs.

Replace Original Sump Pump, Provide Additional Battery Back-Up Protection – Most builders put little thought into the sump pump they install while building. For instances when the cheapest pump is used, it is best to replace it as soon as possible with a more efficient and capable pump. For instances when heavy rain storms overpower the capacity of the sump pump, or when a power outage occurs, the difference maker between a dry and flooded basement is a battery backup system.

Application of Concrete Sealers – Strengthen and waterproof various concrete and masonry structures or surfaces with our collection of indoor air quality solutions that address the infiltration of moisture and soil gases.

One Stop Product Supplier for Waterproofing and Basement Repairs

Whether a basement waterproofing project requires addressing multiple issues or just a single repair, Emecole Metro’s extensive products for repairing various basement, crawl space and concrete problems give contractors the resources needed to get the job done. With more than 30 years of serving contractors of all work backgrounds, including basement waterproofers, concrete specialists, remodelers and plumbers, our team of technical support experts are prepared to ensure that our contractor customers receive the product recommendations and technical support necessary to best service the needs of their end users.

From complete poured concrete crack repair injection products and draintile systems, to crawl space encapsulation vapor barriers and an entire line of primary and backup sump pumps, whatever the objective is, Emecole Metro has proven solutions to service all kinds of wet basement, crawl space and concrete repair challenges.

Provide Your End Users with the Best Waterproofing Servicing

Whether you’re a basement waterproofing veteran or a contractor from another industry, our team of experts can guide you towards the right product solutions for your upcoming basement and crawl space repair project.

Getting in touch with our team of waterproofing experts is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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