Fiber Reinforced Concrete Solutions

For the repair of cracks in concrete floors and slabs, our first go-to solution is to permanently fill and bond them using Emecole Metro 555 Concrete Crack Repair Polyurethane.  In some scenarios, however, excess ground movement will complicate the repair, requiring the need for additional reinforcement. That is where Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs come in.

Our Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs are engineered specifically for concrete surfaces where slab movement needs to be prevented. Stitching Dogs are designed to enhance our tough and dependable Emecole Metro 555 Concrete Crack Repair Polyurea. Highly effective, the added installation of Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs gives contractors the means to provide their homeowners with a permanent concrete floor and slab crack repair solution for applications where ground movement is known to occur.

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs are also ideal for decorative overlay specialist, as they stabilize the concrete surface that results in trouble free polymer overlay installations. Overlays can be installed over this repair in just over 60 minutes.

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs are available in packaged kits, with the choice of single-tow or four-tow strength.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Single-Tow Stitching Dogs

Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs

Provides single-tow high tensile strength carbon fiber reinforcement for concrete crack repairs in floors and slabs where excess ground movement occurs. Available individually in sets of 18 or in packaged kits that included needed installation accessories.

Carbon Fiber Reinfrocement Stitch Dogs Kit

Power Grid Stitch Kit (Four-Tow)

Includes ten (10) four-tow high tensile strength Carbon Fiber Stitch Dogs and installation accessories. Provides the strongest reinforcement against excess ground movement, resulting in permanent concrete floor and slab crack repairs.

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