Emecole Metro 120 Structural Reinforcement Polyurethane

Structural Polyurethane for Cracks and Pipe Penetrations
  • High strength polyurethane for repairing structural cracks.
  • Our strongest polyurethane for wall repair. Used with Carbon Fiber Staples, which adds 8,000 pounds tensile strength per staple. Combined use of 120 and Staples forms a strong and permanent crack repair.
  • Unique two-part formulation does not require any moisture for material to expand, allowing for use in dry cracks where prior water penetration is not possible, including pipe penetrations.
  • Expands upon injection into the crack, which results in less material as opposed to epoxy, reducing contractor material costs.
  • Available in 22 ounce 1:1 dual cartridges in cases of six.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via EmecoleShop.com, our contractor exclusive website (requires an EmecoleShop.com Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

High Strength Polyurethane for Repairing Structural Cracks

Emecole Metro 120 Structural Reinforcement Polyurethane is the strongest injection polyurethane manufactured by Emecole. When repairing cracks with carbon fiber staples, we recommend Emecole Metro 120 to be injected in the crack instead of epoxy. When compared to using epoxy, the installer will use about half the amount of material therefore saving time and material costs. Emecole Metro 120 is a unique two part hydrophobic in that it does not need any moisture to expand, therefore it is widely used in pipe penetration and dry crack repair.

  • Emecole Metro 120 begins reacting within minutes and cures within 10-20 minutes.
  • Expands up to six times its original volume.
  • Use in conjunction with our carbon fiber reinforcement products as a replacement to typical epoxies. Since it expands, repairs take much less material than epoxies.
  • Cures to a very hard non-flexible solid without requiring additional water for expansion.

Additional Product Note: The 3/8″ x 24 Static Mixing Nozzle used with Emecole Metro 120 requires the use of an Injection Hose Assembly. Both items are available separately. Please see Related Products below.

Supplemental Information:

PDF Document Product Data Sheet

PDF Document Prop 65 Warning (California)

Note: Emecole Metro 120 Structural Polyurethane should should not be used in applications (i.e. when repairing pipe penetrations) where wiring is present. The polyurethane may potentially get hot enough to melt any wires.

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