Foundation Stabilization

Foundation Stabilization Systems

Innovative Carbon Fiber Technology Solutions with Complete Installation Accessories

There's no room for error when it comes to the repair of bowed foundation walls. Our selection of foundation stabilization systems provide contractors with proven solutions to permanently repair the most challenging bowed and structural problems in concrete block and poured foundations.

20 Plus Years of Carbon Fiber Development

We are a proud distributor of Fortress Stabilization Systems. Their 20 plus years of engineering and carbon fiber product development has resulted in the most reliable and strongest foundation wall anchoring system from top to bottom.

ICC Building Code Certified System

ICC-ES products are accredited and regularly tested to ensure product performance reliability meet or exceed expectations. Install with confidence knowing every Fortress certified product adheres to local building codes within the United States.

Life-Time Warranty, Install with Confidence

Become a Fortress certified installer and experience peace of mind knowing that installations of the ICC certified Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap System, equipped with complete top-to-bottom wall anchoring, is backed by a life-time warranty.

Variety of Carbon Fiber Structural Solutions

From our top-of-the-line ICC certified systems to more budget friendly options, we offer a complete selection of carbon fiber products that allow contractors to provide their customers with a variety of options for structural foundation wall repair.

Carbon Fiber Straps - Packaged in Complete Kits

Kits include respective epoxy adhesion and cartridge dispensing accessories to provide for a successful carbon fiber installation.
Carbon Fiber Straps with Kevlar Grids

Fortress Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap Wall Stabilization Kit

Our strongest carbon fiber strap. ICC certified carbon fiber-kevlar strap with bi-directional strength comes with top and bottom anchors to stabilize concrete foundation walls. Installations backed by life-time warranty.

Repair Corner Bowed Concrete Foundations

Fortress Carbon Fiber Corner Strap Wall Stabilization Kit

For the stabilization of concrete or masonry wall corners or where a 90-degree repair is needed. Includes necessary epoxy structural adhesive and installation accessories.

36 ft. Carbon Fiber Strap Kit

36 ft. Carbon Fiber Fabric Strap Wall Repair Kit

Features 36 linear foot roll of fabric-based carbon fiber strap with top and bottom wall anchors to repair cracked and bowed concrete foundation walls.

Carbon Guard 24 Strap Anchored Kit

Carbon Guard Fiber Strap Anchored Kit

Features the Carbon Guard Fiber Strap to reinforce bowed and buckled foundation walls. Equipped with top-to-bottom anchoring that secures the strap into the foundation’s concrete base to further protect against external pressure. Choose from our 24 strap or 3 strap kit option to accommodate either large or small repairs.

Fortress Carbon Fiber Lifetime Warranty

Fortress Certification Training

Become a certified Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Strap installer and provide your customers with the strongest warranty available in the home foundation repair industry.

Installation Accessories

Fortress Carbon Fiber Corner Strap

Fortress Carbon Fiber Corner Strap

Individual corner strap and kevlar extensions. Used in conjunction with the Carbon Fiber Corner Strap Wall Stabilization Kit when additional corner straps are needed.

Floor Anchor Drill Jig

Floor Anchor Drill Jig

Accessory item used for the installation of Carbon Fiber Floor Shear Plate Anchors.

Top Wall Anchor Starter Kit Foundation Stabilization

Top Anchor Starter Kit

Full kit that includes the components that allows for the installation of Top Wall Anchors.

Jake 300 Foundation Crack Repair Dispensing Tool

Jake 300 Dispensing Gun

Our signature dispensing gun for the dispensing of materials packaged in dual cartridges, including Fortress 4000 Epoxy Structural Adhesive. Features a spring-loaded high performance trigger. May be used with any combination of 300cc, 150cc and 75cc dual cartridges.

Epoxy Adhesive for Bonding of Carbon Fiber Kevlar Straps

Fortress 4000 Carbon Fiber Epoxy

Epoxy adhesive formulated to fuse the Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap to the foundation wall, resulting in a secured installation.

Carbon Fiber Grids - Structural Wall Crack Repair Reinforcement

In addition to our Carbon Fiber Straps for complete wall stabilization, we also supply high tensile strength Carbon Fiber Grids to provide additional reinforcement to poured foundation crack repairs via low-pressure injection.

Structural Crack Reinforcement Carbon Fiber Grid Stitches - 30 Pack with Dual Cartridge Epoxy

Carbon Fiber Grids & Accessories

Provides reinforcement to poured foundation wall cracks repaired via low pressure injection. Carbon Fiber Grids distribute stress load away from the area to protect against the formation of new cracks.

Top to Bottom Foundation Stabilization Systems

We would love to learn about your business and help you realize the full potential of our carbon fiber solutions for the structural repair of foundation walls.

Getting in touch with our foundation repair experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.