Carbon Guard Fiber Strap Anchored Kit

  • Features the Carbon Guard Fiber Strap, which provides the necessary reinforcement strength to repair bowed and buckled foundation walls. When saturated with the included epoxy, the Carbon Guard Fiber Strap is stronger than the original foundation.
  • Kit also includes top wall anchors and stainless steel base anchors that securely fixes the Carbon Guard Fiber Strap to the foundation’s concrete base, providing complete top-to-bottom protection against further wall movement resulting from external pressure.
  • Low profile, non-obtrusive. Can be painted over to further hide repairs. Lightweight makes it installer friendly.
  • Backed by Carbon Guard’s 30 year product warranty.
  • Available in two sizes. The 24 Strap Kit (220 foot carbon fiber fabric) is ideal for large projects or multiple small projects, while the 3 Strap Kit is perfect for small projects.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Strap for Bowed Concrete Walls

The Carbon Guard Strap Anchored Kit provides a robust and cost-effective carbon fiber solution for foundation structural wall reinforcement. The kit is equipped with all the necessary components to provide long-lasting reinforcement to bowed or buckled foundations.

The high tensile strength of Carbon Guard straps provide the framework to hold compromised foundations in place. When saturated with the included epoxy, the strap becomes stronger than the original wall. To protect against further movement as a result of external pressure, the kit is equipped with top wall anchors and stainless steel base anchors, providing a top-to-bottom anchoring system that securely fixes the strap to the concrete base of the foundation. The result is the safest and most structurally secured option for addressing bowed and buckling foundations.

Carbon Guard strap provides a variety of advantages for structural foundation reinforcement compared to steel. The Carbon Guard strap is both stronger and non-corrosive, meaning it will never rot or deteriorate, eliminating long-term maintenance concerns. The strap’s low profile makes it non-obtrusive, allowing end users to paint over it to hide repairs. It is less expensive and light weight, making it more installer friendly. This cost-effective kit gives contractors a highly effective commercial-grade carbon fiber solution backed by a 30-year product warranty.

For large projects or multiple smaller projects, the 24 Strap Kit comes with 220-foot of carbon fiber fabric that can be cut into 24 individual 9-inch straps. For smaller projects, the 3 Strap Kit comes with three 9-foot carbon fiber fabric straps. The included epoxies are packaged in 300ml x 150ml sized cartridges and dispensed with the “Jake” 300 Dispensing Gun (sold separately).

Included Components – Click to View Selection

  • 220-foot of carbon fiber (to be cut into 24 individual 9-foot straps)
  • 24 top anchors with screws
  • 24 stainless steel bottom anchors
  • 24 dual cartridges of Xtreme 800 saturant epoxy (sized 300/150 cc)
  • 4 dual cartridges of Extreme 1200 anchoring epoxy (sized 300/150 cc)
  • Static mixers
  • 1 roller tray
  • 1 roller with heads
  • Putty knives and rubber gloves
  • Three (3) 9-foot long carbon fiber straps
  • Three (3) top anchors with screws
  • Three (3) stainless steel bottom anchors
  • 3 dual cartridges of Xtreme 800 saturant epoxy (sized 300/150 cc)
  • 1 dual cartridge of Extreme 1200 anchoring epoxy (sized 300/150 cc)
  • 4 static mixers
  • 1 roller tray
  • 1 roller with heads
  • Plastic trowels and rubber gloves

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