Spring 2023 Contractor Training Workshops: Schedule & Registration

Spring 2013 Basement Waterproofing Contractor Product Training Workshops at Emecole Metro

A guest attendee participating in a wall crack injection demonstration.

With the posting of Emecole Metro’s spring 2023 product training workshops, we are now accepting registration requests for March 10 and April 14.

Each single-day session encompasses a full day of product training and best practice repair methods involving the services commonly provided by basement waterproofing contractors.

  • Repairing cracks in concrete walls and slabs with our low pressure crack injection materials and equipment.
  • Encapsulating crawl spaces with our selection of wall and floor liners for addressing indoor air quality concerns with moisture and humidity.
  • Key waterproofing measures involving drainage systems, sump pump backup systems, and dehumidifiers for maintaining dry and healthy basements.
  • Repairing bowed concrete walls with Titan Structural Reinforcement.

These hands-on trainings are taught by our veteran technical support staff with years of expertise in helping contractors yield successful concrete and wet basement repairs. Often attended by waterproofing professionals from throughout the country, our trainings allow opportunity for valued networking and fun interaction that makes up a relaxed and informative experience. Guests are also treated to a complimentary lunch.

Whether due for a general brush-up or in need of a fast-track training for new hires, we will provide a welcoming and productive environment well worth the time.

For individual session information or to inquire about attending, you may get started by visiting our training workshop section or by speaking with one of our technical support team members at 815-372-2493.

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