Emecole Metro Launches ICC Approved Titan Structural Reinforcement for Bowed Concrete Wall Repair

Emecole Metro Launches Titan Structural Reinforcement

July 13, 2022
By Martin Hawrysko, Emecole Metro LLC

Emecole Metro announces the launch of Titan Structural Reinforcement, an ICC approved carbon fiber strengthening system for bowed and cracked concrete walls.

Cost-effective and installer-friendly, a successful repair with Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber is 10 times stronger than steel and five times stronger than alternative labor-intensive carbon fiber installations. Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber is made from thousands of parallel strands tightly woven into a fabric strap. When impregnated with our set of high-performance epoxies, Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber permanently bonds to concrete to provide a stretch-resistant top-to-bottom repair.

Whether already experienced with structural repairs or looking to grow business by expanding service capabilities, Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber makes for a viable addition to any basement waterproofing, home remodeler, or building construction business. It’s available for easy kit purchase without certification prerequisites, requires minimal supply investment, and is backed by a 30-year product warranty. Its ICC accreditation allows inspectors and code officials to review and approve installations with increased confidence and efficiency.

To learn more about our new Titan Structural Reinforcement brand and product selection, you may visit the Structural Concrete Wall Reinforcement section or give us a call at 815-372-2493 to speak with an Emecole Metro sales team member.

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