As part of the Metropolitan Industries family, Emecole Metro's product development capabilities allow us to provide complete solutions for the concrete repair and basement waterproofing industries.

Based out of Romeoville, IL, 35 miles southwest of Chicago, Emecole Metro is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of products used to repair various concrete and wet basements problems. With 30 plus years of product innovation backed by our team of technical experts, our proven product solutions are relied upon by contractors and homeowners across the United States and Canada to create a healthier home environment from the ground up.

Crack Injection into Poured Concrete Foundation

Repair of a foundation crack with our low pressure crack injection components.

Wet Basement Repair Servicing

Installation of a sump pump, supplied by our sister brand, Ion Technologies.

The origins of our company, originally Emecole, Inc., date back to 1987. Our founder, the late Lou Cole, an accomplished chemist with an entrepreneurial spirit, pioneered the low pressure crack injection process by devising the concept of dual cartridge dispensing of two component materials via his specially engineered “Jake” spring-assisted dispensing gun. That gave him the impetus to develop a line of epoxies and polyurethanes specifically formulated for such applications. Low pressure crack injection, in conjunction with the development of his delivery and dispensing systems, gave contractors a more cost-effective and time-efficient means for repairing cracks in poured concrete foundations.

Concrete Repair Digest, 1994

As featured in Concrete Repair Digist, 1994.

Magazine Feature of Jake Dispensing Gun

Original “Jake” Dispensing Gun brochure.

As the low pressure crack injection process caught on nationally, this allowed us to broaden our research and development efforts with the objective to provide contractors with additional solutions that could be used to correct various water control problems commonly encountered at job sites while originally called upon to just repair a foundation crack. This led to the launching of several new products and systems, resulting in a renewed emphasis to provide contractors with a one-stop shop for servicing cracked and bowed concrete, water seepage, flooding and excess moisture in basements and crawl spaces. Our  team of technical support experts are well versed in a wide variety of concrete repair and basement waterproofing issues, and are accessible every step of the way to help with product selection and walk through any application challenges to ensure the job gets done right.

In September 2016, a new chapter in our company history was set in motion after being acquired by Metropolitan Industries, a manufacturer of packaged pump and control systems. Metropolitan’s vast system capabilities encompasses flow distribution, pressure control, treatment, collection, temperature control, hydronics and reuse. Metropolitan’s complete system solutions are customized per project specification and have been implemented in some of the largest buildings, structures and municipalities in Chicago and throughout North America. The family-owned Metropolitan is also headquartered in Romeoville, just down the street from Emecole Metro.

Emecole Metro Facility - Romeoville, Illinois

Exterior of Emecole Metro’s facility, our home since May 2018.

Metropolitan Industries in Romeoville, IL

Metropolitan Industries, our parent company, is just down the street from us.

Following the acquisition by Metropolitan, our company was renamed Emecole Metro to symbolize the synergy with our parent company. Since then, we’ve moved to our brand new facility, which houses our manufacturing, R&D, sales, customer service, contractor training, packaging and shipping. Our expertise in solving many different concrete and wet basement problems is a natural fit with Metropolitan’s engineered water movement and management solutions.

As part of the Metropolitan family, we look forward to continuing to demonstrate our passion for developing innovative product solutions that help create dry, safe and healthy home environments – just as we always have.

Emecole Metro Warehouse Crew

Our products are prepared and packaged on site from Emecole Metro’s facility and ship direct to our customer’s desired end point.

Contractor Support and Training

Our dedicated training classroom is used to provide contractors with hands on demonstrations and best practice use of our products.

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