DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit


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DIY Crawl Space Wall & Floor Liner Installation

The DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit by Emecole Metro provides all the components to properly seal walls and floors in crawl spaces sized up to approximately 500 square feet.

The kit features our 10 Mil Woven Liner, a premium crawl space vapor barrier when, once installed on the walls and floors, completely seals out moisture and soil gases, helping keep the crawl space air clean, dry and healthy. The 10 Mil Woven Liner won’t support mold growth, will not rot or decay and is super light weight, while its woven reinforcement material provides added strength against tearing.

The additional components included in the DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit assists and enhances the installation process to ensure that the encapsulation is successful and provides years of protection against moisture and soil gases.

10 Mil Woven Reinforced Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

10 Mil Woven Crawl Space Liner

Kit Components

  • One (1) roll of 4′ x 150′ 10 Mil Woven Liner
  • Two (2) rolls of White Seaming Tape (4″ x 108″)
  • Four (4) rolls of two-sided Adhesive Tape (1″ x 45′)
    • used in conjunction with White Seaming Tape to provide an airtight seal
  • Four (4) universal cartridges of RadonShield
    • attaches top edge of the 10 Mil Woven Liner to the wall to create an airtight seal
  • One-Hundred (100) Button Fasteners
    • used to secure the 10 Mil Woven Liner to the wall, creating a smooth and clean finished look
  • 1/4″ Concrete Drill Bit (drill not included)
DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Before Photo

Crawl Space Prior to DIY Installation

DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Project After

Crawl Space After to DIY Installation

How Bad Crawl Space Air Quality Impacts the Entire Home

It’s easy to dismiss a damp and musty crawl space as normal. Unfortunately, a damp and smelly crawl space is not something to write off. Such poor conditions can negatively affect the rest of the home.

Air that circulates from below-grade is prone to making its way into the home’s upper levels. Furthermore, many of the age-old remedies for “crawl space air control,” which includes vents is more likely to make such problems worse by allowing in cold air during the winter which can increase energy/heating costs, while the letting in of warm humid air during the summer creates an ideal environment for the growth of mold.

When it comes to properly conditioning a crawl space, the only way to properly do so is by keeping moisture completely out.

Proven Crawl Space Solution for DIY Installation

For more than 15 years, Emecole Metro has been manufacturing vapor barriers as part of the EmeSeal Crawl Space System’s line of crawl space product solutions for waterproofing contracotrs. Our variety of liners and installation accessories are used throughout the United States and Canada, resulting in the protecting and preservation of crawl spaces in both hot and cold climate areas.

With the DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit from Emecole Metro, homeowners can transform their dark, damp and musty crawl space into a bright, dry and healthy environment that will have a positive effect on the rest of the home’s air quality.

For additional questions or for help in determining the square footage of your crawl space, please contact the Emecole Metro sales and technical support team at 815-372-2493.

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