Winter Shipping & Storage Advisory

Due to the affect that freezing temperatures may have on the performance of chemical products, we do not ship chemicals up to two days going into a weekend when any portion of a projected travel route may subject them to extended periods of below freezing temperatures. Exceptions may occur when delivery is within a one-day range or for expedited shipments.

For more information or additional options for any time sensitive purchases, please consider making your purchase by phone at 815-372-2493 so that you may coordinate with an Emecole Metro customer service team member.

Storage of Chemicals in Below-Freezing Environments

Chemicals should not be stored in an unheated environment, such as a truck or unheated garage. If chemicals are left in this environment, it is necessary to bring them up to temperature before attempting to use. This can be done by leaving in a warm environment for a minimum of four hours.

For more information, please call 815-372-2493 to consult with an Emecole Metro technical support team member.

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