Packaging of Low Pressure Crack Injection Epoxies & Polyurethanes

Epoxies and polyurethane foams are typically two component systems requiring precise proportioning of the two components (unlike polyester, which may be more forgiving).

Expensive dispensing machines ($5-10 M to purchase) are best suited to accomplish this control of proportioning where substantial volume of product is to be dispensed.

For applications requiring smaller volumes of material (less than 5-10 gallons), it is often justifiable to receive the material(s) (packaged and proportioned to the right ratios) in what are referred to as dual cartridges.

For concrete crack repair, the advantage of using such packaged materials is that simpler dispensing machines can be utilized. For example, dual cartridges require a two-component caulk gun. These products are not only less costly, equipment wise, but require virtually no clean-up and are maintenance-free relative to more sophisticated equipment.

Two component caulk guns, including the Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun, are not costly relative to automatic dispensing machines; the price range is typically $50-150. In many applications, such as crack injection concrete repair, any of these dispensing methods is viable and it typically gets down to economics. It is less costly to purchase material packaged in five gallon pails or drums than packaged in dual cartridges.

Emecole Metro supplies its concrete crack repair materials in each of these packaging modes to contractors. While the most common form purchased through us is dual cartridges, we can supply these materials in the form best form pending application specifications or volume requirements.

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