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Key Issues to Address in the Crawl Space Before Encapsulating

Crawl space encapsulation is one of the most effective ways to protect against the negative consequences of excess moisture, soil gas entry, and the growth of mold. We identify the preliminary measures contractors should take prior to an encapsulation project to make sure no issues later compromise the job.

Emecole Metro Launches Dedicated Spanish-Language Website

Emecole Metro's Spanish-language website increases the accessibility of products for Spanish-speaking customers. Emecole Metro has officially launched a dedicated Spanish-language website, EmecoleEspanol.com. This effort increases the accessibility of Emecole Metro’s concrete repair product offering to thousands of Spanish-speaking contractors and homeowners. The dedicated Spanish website’s selection of products is rolling out in phases. Upon launch, [...]

Contractor Training Classes Resume: Schedule Your Custom Training!

With Emecole Metro's transition back to pre-COVID operations, training classes are ready to resume! At this time, we are offering custom trainings where businesses can select their choice of training topics and date. Attendees will receive up close and personal hands-on training by field experts. Whether you’re new to concrete repair and waterproofing or simply [...]

Emecole Metro Adds Two New Dehumidifiers to Our Line of Home Health Solutions

The Aprilaire 1820 (left) and the Aprilaire 1850 (right) dehumidifiers. Contractors servicing wet basements and concrete issues can up their ticket by adding moisture control to their line of residential services. The proactive dehumidification of excess moisture protects the home’s air quality by minimizing the consequential growth of mold and mildew, in addition to musty [...]

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