Complete kit for sealing crawl space walls and floors to protect against the consequences of excess moisture, energy waste and the growth of mold. User-friendly installation process allows for a successful DIY crawl space encapsulation, resulting in a healthier below-grade environment.

Premium Crawl Space Liner

Features our premium 10 Mil Woven Liner, which is installed on crawl space walls and floors to completely seal out moisture and soil gases, such as radon.

Stops the Growth of Mold

Will not support mold growth, nor rot or decay. It is super light weight for easy installation, while its woven reinforcement protects against tearing.

Healthy Air Circulation

Excess moisture and musty air from the crawl space will typically make its way upstairs. Improved air quality in the crawl space will have a positive impact on the rest of the home.

Complete Kit Ships for Free

Ships for free, providing homeowners added value towards their DIY crawl space sealing and encapsulation efforts. Includes all needed components for a successful installation.

DIY Friendly Installation

The Crawl Space Liner Kit includes all the needed components to seal walls and floors sized up to approximately 500 square feet. By addressing the lingering moisture and mold issues that commonly affect untreated crawl spaces, homeowners can take an active measure towards creating a healthier whole home environment.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Starter Kit

Create a Dry and Healthy Crawl Space Environment

Excess moisture, soil gas entry (such as radon), the loss of heat in cold weather months, and mold growth are all seemingly common parameters within a crawl space. While true, thankfully proven solutions exist allowing homeowners to protect their crawl space from these conditions thanks to the correct use of crawl space lining material, also known as a vapor barrier.

By encapsulating the walls and floor of a crawl space with an effective liner, homeowners can protect against the excess moisture, energy waste and soil gas infiltration that often result in the growth of mold, musty smells and overall poor air quality.

The DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit gives homeowners a simple user-friendly solution to successfully encapsulate their crawl space. By mitigating the harsh conditions that crawl spaces normally incur, you are taking a vital measure to protect the air quality throughout the entire home. According to the EPA, at least 50 percent of the air circulating throughout the main and upper levels of the home originate from below-grade. Poor air quality circulating in the crawl space will eventually make its way into the upper levels.

Emecole Metro has been manufacturing and supplying crawl space repair materials since 2008, giving contractors and homeowners a plethora of options when it comes to protecting crawl spaces from long-term moisture and mold damage.

While there are many parameters that can affect the overall air quality of the home, the below-grade environment of your home can also play a significant factor. For additional information, we invite you to get in touch with our team of basement and crawl space waterproofing experts, who would be happy to learn more about your specific crawl space setup and any problem scenarios you suspect are taking place. For a more thorough examination, we can also help you find a local contractor who can personally inspect your crawl space.

Let's Discuss DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation

We would love to learn more about your crawl space and help you get the most out of the DIY Crawl Space Liner Kit.

Getting in touch with our crawl space experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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