Strengthen and preserve bowed concrete and masonry structures with the strength and durability of chemically-fused carbon fiber. The Titan Structural Reinforcement system by Emecole offers repair professionals with a practical installation for helping contractors save time and costs.

450 GSM Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

Titan Carbon Fiber Fabric is manufactured with parallel fiber strands woven into unidirectional and flexible 8 ft. x 6 in. straps.

Concrete-Fused Reinforced Fiber

Bonds with our high-performance epoxies to form a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate that will not allow movement to walls or cracks.

Exceptionally Strong & Durable Installations

Successful installations are 10 times stronger than steel, and 5 times stronger than many alternative carbon fiber options.

Installer-Friendly Installations

Straight-forward installation lowers material and labor costs compared to more labor-intensive carbon fiber systems.

Carbon Fiber Strap Kit

Fully assembled kit available in packs of 2 and 6 Titan Carbon Fiber straps. Accommodates small and large section repairs.

Conveniently packaged with all system components to enable a successful installation. One simple kit simplifies purchasing and transport to jobsite.

Titan Structural Reinforcement Wall Kit

Seamless Structural Reinforcement Integration

Whether expanding your repair capabilities or in search for cost-effective carbon fiber alternatives, Emecole Metro has 35 years of experience helping businesses successfully implement their endeavors.

We are only a few clicks or a phone call away at 815-372-2493.

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