Titan Structural Reinforcement is a carbon fiber-based wall bracing system by Emecole Metro for bowed concrete in residential and commercial applications. Maximizing the multiple chemical reactions of uniquely formulated high performance epoxies, Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber provides a practical and cost-effective installation with zero compromises.

High Tensile Strength Carbon Fiber

Manufactured with thousands of parallel fiber strands tightly woven into a unidirectional fabric material. Individual carbon fiber straps measure 8-feet and 6-inches wide.

Concrete-Fused Reinforced Fiber

Carbon fiber straps bond with uniquely formulated high performance epoxies to form a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate permanently fused to the concrete application.

Exceptionally Strong & Durable Installations

Successful installations are 10 times stronger than steel and 5 times stronger than alternative carbon fiber installs. Its stretch-resistant reinforcement will not allow movement to the repair.

Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber Precut Fabric Roll

Titan Structural Reinforcement Bowed Wall Kit

One Kit for Easy Purchasing

Choice of 2-pack and 6-pack carbon fiber straps for either small or large section repairs. Includes all system components to enable a successful installation without certification prerequisites.

No Fuss Carbon Fiber Installation

Minimal prep and simple to install. Requires less time and labor to help lower costs when compared to more labor-intensive carbon fiber installations requiring additional components and steps.

Expand Growth and Opportunity

Minimal supply investment and practical installation eases integration with any waterproofing or building construction business interested in expanding repair service capabilities.

Concrete Repair Innovation & Manufacturing Prowess

The footprint of Emecole Metro was cemented 35 years ago with the pioneering of low pressure crack injection, a more affordable and practical means to repair cracks in poured concrete. From our precise step-by-step process to the manufacturing of a complete selection of injection materials and equipment, low pressure crack injection continues to be relied upon by waterproofing and building construction contractors servicing problematic concrete and below-grade water control issues.

By the early 2000s, carbon fiber emerged as a stronger and more cost-effective structural reinforcement alternative to steel. Recognizing the opportunity to broaden our product offering, Emecole Metro was one of the first basement waterproofing product suppliers to market carbon fiber direct to contractors. In the near two decades since, our extensive product knowledge has provided contractors with the technical and field guidance to safely and reliably implement carbon fiber for the structural reinforcement of concrete.

Looking ahead to our next 35 years, Emecole Metro establishes a fresh footprint with the launch of Titan Structural Reinforcement, a new division that extends our manufacturing reach with the development of carbon fiber and related installation materials. Maximizing the multi-bonding capabilities of our uniquely formulated set of high performance epoxies, Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber provides contractors with cost-effective industrial-grade stabilization to successfully service residential and commercial concrete.

Designed & Chemically Engineered to Maximize Reinforcement Strength

Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber is manufactured from thousands of parallel strands tightly woven in a unidirectional fabric material. It comes packaged in precut rolls that easily separate into individual carbon fiber straps sized at 8-feet long and 6-inches wide.

The unique carbon element characteristics and optimal design of Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber enables it to form multiple chemical bonds, increasing in strength and durability once permeated with our high performance epoxies. The resulting chemical reaction forms a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) laminate permanently fused to the substrate that is stretch-resistant and will not allow repaired walls or cracks to move.

The system’s minimal components and prep allows for a simple installation without excess add-on requirements or prerequisite certification. Compared to more labor-intensive carbon fiber alternates, a Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber installation removes the risk of unintentional damage that may potentially occur with other systems that require the drilling of rim joists.

Exceptional Performance & Accreditation Instills Confidence

The product performance and stabilizing strength of Titan Structural Reinforcement Carbon Fiber allows contractors to confidently proceed with installations and worry less about call backs. The components that make up the Titan Structural Reinforcement system have been independently evaluated to confirm that product performance is compliant with common building code requirements.

Its economically favorable installation, minimal supply investment, and 25-year product warranty makes Titan Structural Reinforcement a viable addition for any waterproofing or building construction business. Whether already experienced with carbon fiber and searching for a more cost-effective option or aiming to grow business by expanding service capabilities, Emecole Metro has the manufacturing knowledge and technical experience to successfully support contractors.

Seamless Structural Reinforcement Integration

Whether expanding your repair capabilities or in search for cost-effective carbon fiber alternatives, Emecole Metro has 35 years of experience helping businesses successfully implement their endeavors.

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