Poor basement air quality often stems from excess moisture, mold and soil gases. Our selection of moisture control systems, concrete sealers and mold removal products provide contractors with proven solutions that permanently address such underlying causes that can negatively impact the air quality of the basement, in addition to the rest of the home.

While it may be easy to dismiss poor basement air quality as being just a normal problem not worth worrying about, the fact remains that at least 50 percent of the home’s air originally circulates from below-grade. Such negative ramifications that come with poor air quality can easily be triggered from anywhere within the home.  Indoor air quality issues stemming from the basement should not be a low priority concern.

The basement is a natural habitat for excess moisture and high humidity, which leads to the growth of mold and musty smells. Soil gas infiltration, which may also include radon, can be responsible for additional adverse health ramifications.  Such seemingly lingering moisture and soil gas problems can be easily addressed via the proper measures.

Our extensive selection of products and systems below provide crucial measures to permanently solve such lingering moisture, mold and soil gas issues that can have such adverse effects on our homes. Addressing the problems responsible for poor basement air quality is crucial measure towards creating a healthy home environment.

Basement & Crawl Space Ventilation

The Fresh & Clean Ventilation Systems, by Ion Technologies, are an all-in-one dehumidifier and air purifier. Each Fresh & Clean system removes unhealthy air from its below-grade environment while redistributing clean air from the home’s upper levels back to the lower levels,  ensuring that the entire home continues to re-circulate clean and healthy air.

As part of the Metropolitan Industries family, both Emecole Metro and Ion Technologies share a common endeavor towards delivering reliable water and moisture control solutions that lead to improved indoor air quality.

Ion Technologies Fresh & Clean Ventilation Systems

Additional Indoor Air Quality Control Solutions

Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifiers


Whether you’re looking to provide a moisture-free basement or crawl space, our variety of dehumidifiers provide added assurance towards maintaining a moisture free below-grade environment.

Concrete & Brick Sealers

Concrete & Brick Sealers

Our selection of premium sealers give contractors a variety of product solutions to either protect or enhance various concrete and substrate structures.

Anabec Mold Removal Products

Mold Removal & Remediation

Our mold removal and remediation products by Anabec Systems are ideal for contractors already servicing wet and damp basements or crawl spaces. Whether looking to address an existing problem or prevent a future one, the Anabec line of products have basement waterproofing contractors covered.

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