With our high capacity sump pumps and battery backup systems, integrated with the Ion Digital Level Control Switch, contractors can rest assured that they are providing their residential end users with the most technologically advanced and reliable basement and crawl space sump pump solutions.

Complete Flood Prevention Solutions

Featuring a large selection of high capacity sump pumps, battery backup systems and accessories to protect and maintain dry basements.

Digital Level Control Switch Integration

Our pumps are powered by the all digital and more reliable Ion Digital Level Control Switch, minimizing common pump failures due to standard switches.

Heavy Duty Backup System Capabilities

Our high capacity backup sump pump systems provide the most amount of gallons pumped-per-minute, even under the most extreme conditions.

AGM Powered Battery Backup Systems

Our backup sump pump systems are powered by AGM Power+ maintenance free batteries, providing longer run-time capabilities.

Ion Technologies

Our sump pumps and battery backup systems are manufactured by our sister brand, Ion Technologies.

As part of the Metropolitan Industries family, Emecole Metro and Ion Technologies share a common endeavor towards delivering innovative sump pump solutions to protect basements and crawl spaces against the threat of flooding.

Residential Sump Pumps & Backups with Multiple Lines of Defense
High Capacity Sump Pumps, Stainless Steel and/or Cast Iron Construction

Sump Pumps

Featuring a complete line of high capacity, reliable and cost efficient primary sump pumps. Includes stainless steel and epoxy coated cast iron pumps that are thermally protected with low amp draw motors which provide optimum reliability and years of trustworthy service.

Dual-Source AC/Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

Backup Sump Pump Systems

Utilizes our selection of primary sump pumps for automatic response to power loss or rising water. Consumes AC power from house electric or converted deep cycle battery to maintain high pumping capacities for sustained performance.

Sump Pump Accessories

Pump Accessories

Essential accessories and premium control and monitoring solutions for the Ion Technologies line of sump pumps and backup systems.

Sump Pits & Covers

Sump Pits & Covers

Select from our variety of sump pits and lid options.

Large Inventory of Sump Pump Solutions

As a sister brand of Ion Technologies, Emecole Metro’s large supply of primary and backup sump pumps allow for same-day or next day shipping, right from our Chicagoland facility. Centrally located within the United States, our sump pump products can be delivered to much of the United States within two to three days (one-day to the Midwest, two-days to the East Coast).

Wall to Wall Support for Contractors

The Ion Technologies team of in-house pump experts are easily accessible by phone or email. Contractors with pre-sale questions, installation guidance or the rare post-installation troubleshoot can connect with our customer service team to receive the best support and technical help. Whether you’re a veteran plumber or a basement repair contractor who occasional services sump pumps, our customer service backed sump pump solutions will ensure you provide your residential end users with reliable basement flood prevention measures.

Same Quality Support for Residential End Users

The same post installation troubleshooting from our customer service team is also available for residential end users. We understand that not everyone is an expert when it comes to their sump pump and pit. That is why we are here to help.

Protect Basements Against the Threat of Flooding

The Ion Technologies line of sump pump solutions is proven brand trusted by plumbers and contractors for when flooding is not an option. With our vast product selection, homeowners need not fear each time it begins to pour or when the power goes out. With the right sump pump setup, along with proper maintenance, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that their basement is protected from the threat of storm water entry.

Let's Have a Conversation

Provide peace of mind for your installation by offering your customers with high capacity basement flood prevention solutions powered by Ion Technologies. Our variety of sump pumps and battery backups will exceed the requirements of just about any basement environment.

Getting in touch with our team of expert sump pump experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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