Since 1987, our complete line of injection materials and accessories have provided contractors with a more affordable and improved means for permanently repairing leaking and structural foundation cracks. We provide complete product solutions for both low and high pressure injection repairs.

From basements, crawl spaces and pools to large-scale structures including concrete lift stations, elevator pits, housed systems and below-grade mechanical rooms, Emecole Metro's crack injection products are the most practical and proven option for repairing cracks in poured foundations.

Pioneers of Low Pressure Crack Injection

We devised the low pressure injection process for repairing poured foundation cracks back in the 1980s. Today, this proven method remains the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to repair cracks.

Permanent Repairs, Fewer Callbacks

Provide your customers with permanent repair solutions, resulting in fewer callbacks. Our proven products have been used by foundation crack repair professionals for more than 30 years.

Purchase Direct by Phone or Online

We manufacture our foundation crack repair products and sell them direct to contractors.  All materials and accessories are available individually in bulk or via our conveniently packaged starter kits.

Second to None Customer Support

As the product manufacturer, we have the expertise to provide contractors with the most practical product recommendations per project requirements, backed by the most in-depth technical support.

Foundation Crack Repair Kits

The Emecole Metro Foundation Crack Repair Kits are equipped with the components needed for a successful repair. Ideal for any contractor new to the low pressure crack injection process.

Kits are available in multiple sizes to accommodate small or large repairs with the choice of polyurethane or epoxy injection material.

Foundation Crack Repair Kit

Injection Materials, Accessories & Equipment

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Materials

Crack Injection Polyurethanes & Epoxies

Includes both low pressure and high pressure materials for injection into poured foundation cracks, providing contractors with options that accommodates cracks of all types and widths.

Foundation Crack Repair Surface Seals

Surface Seals & Port Adhesives

For covering the front of cracks which prevents injected epoxy or polyurethane from leaking out. Also used for bonding surface/injection ports to crack surfaces.

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Supplies

Injection Tools & Accessories

A complete arsenal of low and high pressure accessories from injection guns and surface ports to static mixers and hose assemblies.

Structural Foundation Reinforcement

Foundation Structural Crack Repair Reinforcement Staples

Carbon Fiber Staples

The added use of Carbon Fiber Staples provide additional reinforcement for low pressure injection structural crack repairs where wall movement and stresses exceed the strength of the concrete.

Additional Concrete Repair Solutions from Emecole Metro

Let's Have a Conversation

Whatever your concrete repair project requires, Emecole Metro can steer you in the right direction to ensure you provide your end user with a successful outcome. We’d love to learn more about your upcoming project and help steer you towards the right direction.

Getting in touch with our team of concrete crack repair experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.