Additional Products for Homeowners

Maintenance Free Sump Pump Battery

Power+ AGM Battery

Engineered specifically for pumps, which require extended run and depletion capabilities without compromising the battery. This true deep cycle marine battery powers the Ion Technologies line of backup systems, allowing them to run twice as long as other backup batteries. The Power+ AGM Battery is 100 percent maintenance free.

Skylink Emergency Dialer

Skylink Emergency Dialer

Minimize the surprise of coming home to an unexpected flood in your basement. Sends emergency voice messages up to nine phone numbers when a sensor (separate accessory) is triggered.

Wireless Water Sensor and Receiver

Skylink Water Alarm Set

Wireless flood sensor and receiver. Notifies homeowners when water reaches a specified contact point. Common areas for use includes a sump pit, garage door, hot water heater and washing machine.

Sump Pit Water Sensor

Skylink Flood Sensor

Alerts when water is present, such as a potential flood. Perfect for use in sump pits, detecting when water rises to a specific level.

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