Sodium Silicate Concrete Sealer

EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer

An interior, below-grade spray application that forms a protective barrier to stop the penetration of moisture and soil gases, such as radon, from entering into the basement or crawl space. An effective concrete waterproofing solution that helps maintain clean air space for basements and crawl spaces, which can also have a positive impact for the air quality throughout the rest of the home. Available in one and five gallon containers.

Brick and Paver Sealer

Emecole Metro Brick & Paver Sealer

An exterior, above-grade spray application for concrete and masonry surfaces to protect against cracking and deterioration over time. Forms a waterproof barrier that stops the penetration of water and moisture, while also allowing the substrate to breathe.

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2 Sealant

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2

Provides a radon resistant, air tight seal that properly fills cove joints, eliminating a common entry point for dangerous soil gases.

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