Ion Technologies StormPro 2100-DC Battery Backup System

Battery Backup Sump Pump System StormPro 2100-DC
  • Battery backup system for when the primary sump pump is unavailable.
  • Pumps up to 35 GPM. Matches capacity of most 1/3 HP primary sump pumps, minimizing the potential for flooding.
  • Performs up to 10 hours continuous run time to provide backup protection for extended periods of time with no primary pump.
  • Built-in audible alarm and indicator lights provide a user-friendly display that allows homeowners to always know how their system is performing.
  • Pump includes a sturdy standing base which keeps the pump off the bottom of the basin, while preventing it from clogging with debris.
  • Runs off one Power Plus AGM Battery (optional add-on purchase).

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

DC-Powered Battery Backup Sump Pump

The Ion Technologies 2100-DC Battery Backup System is an excellent value in reliability and protection. This high capacity DC powered system runs directly off battery power without the use of an inverter. With a fully charged Power+ AGM Battery, the system can pump 35 gallons-per-minute, with an overall average of 20 gallons-per-minute (at a 10 foot high ejection head) for a continuous run time of almost 10 hours while pumping a total of over 12,000 gallons of water.

The 12-volt DC pump and adjustable switch are far more reliable, while pumping more water than competing brands. Its long stroke float switch pumps a full seven inches of water from the pit each cycle and is made of non-corrosive materials.  The most energy a pump consumes and the most wear and tear on a pump is during the start up of each cycle.  By having a switch with a long stroke, we reduce the number of cycles, therefore saving battery life and extending the overall life of the pump.  The switch can be mounted anywhere on the discharge pipe to prevent it from getting obstructed in the pit and not turning on the pump.

The pump’s base keeps the inlet off the bottom of the pit, protecting the pump from becoming clogged due to debris.  The system is equipped with a powerful 8 amp charger with five charging stations which allow for quick recovery time. Its audible and lighted alarms indicate system status.

System Components:

  • Storm 2100-DC Sump Pump (12 volt)
  • Vertical float switch
  • 8 amp charger
  • Wiring harness
  • Rubber coupling with stainless steel brackets
  • 90 degree elbow
  • One (1) Power+ AGM Battery (optional add-on purchase)

Supplemental Information:

PDF Document Operation Manual

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