Ion Sensor Switch

Ion Sensor Switch, Digital Level Control
  • An electronic sump pump switch with water level sensor that electronically turns sump pump on and off.
  • Eliminates pump failures from conventional float switches caused by moving parts. Minimizes risk of flooding, resulting in a basement that stays dry.
  • Monitors water levels and removes up to 6 inches of water per cycle, resulting in less frequent pump cycles. Less stress on pump hardware.
  • Works with any Ion Technologies AC-powered sump pump or AC-powered battery backup system.
  • The Ion Sensor Switch is included with all Ion Technologies sump pumps and AC-powered backup systems purchased through Emecole Metro. Also available for individual contractor purchase.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Electronic Sump Pump Switch with No Moving Parts

While basement floods are often attributed to pump failure, the problem is rarely the pump. The problem often stems from the switch responsible for the critical task of turning pumps on and off. Mechanical switches use moving parts, which are susceptible to wearing out over time or getting caught onto other pieces of equipment inside the pit, which is the leading source of a failure that results in a flooded basement.

Ion Technologies, a leading developer and supplier of high capacity pumps and backup systems, sought to provide an enhanced solution to such common switch failures. The result is the Ion Sensor Switch, which simply put, sparked a revolution in sump pump technology.  The Ion Sensor Switch utilizes extremely precise computer controlled pressure sensors to detect water levels, which allows it to turn electronically turn pumps on and off. Its solid state sensing technology has absolutely no moving parts, eliminating the break down commonly associated with standard float switches. The computer controls and logic board are protected by durable watertight housing and engineered for years of service. The switch allows for the removal of six inches of water per cycle, resulting in reduced pump cycles, which is instrumental since the most amount of wear and tear placed on pumps is on startup at the beginning of each cycle. The end result is a more capable pump switch that provides added reliability that helps prolong the average life of a pump.

The Ion Sensor Switch is integrated with the Ion Technologies line of sump pumps and battery backup systems. Contractors can provide their homeowners with a complete sump and battery backup system offering that utilizes the most innovative control technology to ensure optimum protection against the threat of rising water and a flooded basement. For replacing mechanical switches on existing pumps or systems, the Ion Digital Level Control Switch is also available for individual purchase.

Ion BA33i Sump Pump, 1/3 HP Stainless Steel/Cast Iron

Ion BA33i Sump Pump with the Ion Sensor Switch.

Ion 35ACi+ Dual-Source AC/Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Ion 35ACi+ Battery Backup System with Ion+ Sensor Switch (integrated with high water alarm).


  • Replaces mechanical float switches
  • Multi-point sealing system – leak resistant
  • Inverter-rated for use with most battery backup systems, including our manufactured Ion Technologies line of systems
  • Standard piggy-back connection for use with any pump
  • No maintenance or cleaning required
  • Rated for both effluent and sewage pumps
  • Auto power reset
  • Factory calibrated

Ion Technologies is the sister brand of Emecole Metro. Together, as part of the Metropolitan Industries family, it is our collective endeavor to provide the most capable and relied upon waterproofing and flood prevention solutions that contractors can provide to their end users. The sophisticated line-up of Ion Technologies pumps, backups and sump accessories well compliment our complete offering of wet basement and concrete repair products.

Supplemental Information:

PDF Document Operation Manual

Ready to Upgrade Your Sump Pump Switch Offering?

The Ion Digital Level Control Switch has become the contractor’s preferred choice for providing their end users with an electronic sump pump switch alternative. Thinking of making the switch? We’d love to further discuss!

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