Sump Pits & Covers

Emecole Metro supplies a variety of sump pits, covers and accessory items to help contractors provide their end users with the very best in basement flood prevention.

Sump Pit

Sump Pit

Made with heavy duty plastic. 18-inch diameter pit with 22-inch depth. Available solid or perforated.

Round Sump Pit Lid, Sealed

Sump Pit Lid

18-inch diameter sump pit lit fit our round sump pits. Choice of slotted or sealed lid types. Choose a slotted lid for standard installations or a slotted lit with gasket to provide a radon gas resistant seal.

Sump Pit Seal Lid, Dome Cover

Sump Pit Seal Lid

Heavy duty sump pit lit that bolts to the floor while sealing out dangerous soil gases such as radon. Clear window allows for easy sump pit inspection.

Sump Donut

Sump Donut

Installs beneath any EmeSeal Crawl Space Floor Liner and is used in conjunction with the Sump Pit Seal Lid. The end result is a secured seal that keeps out soil gases, such as radon, moisture and odors.

Crawl Space Sump Pit and Pump Kit

Crawl Space Pit & Pump Kit

Packaged sump pit and sump pump kit sized specifically for crawl spaces.

Saber Sump Pit, 44 Gallon Solid

Saber 44 Sump Pit

Holds up to 44 gallons of water, 60% more water holding capacity over a standard pit. More capacity equates to more efficient running of the pumps by less cycling of the pumps.

Saber Sump Pit, 27 Gallon Solid

Saber 27 Sump Pit

Holds up to 27 gallons of water. More capacity equates to more efficient running of the pumps by less cycling of the pumps.

Sump Pit Extension for Saber Pits

Saber Sump Pit Extension

Attaches to either the Sabert 44 Sump Pit or the Saber 27 Sump Pit. Included hardware allows for easy attachment to either sump pit. Adds additional capacity of 10 gallons of water to sump pit.

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