EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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  • Deep penetrating moisture and soil gas barrier for interior belowgrade surfaces. Most commonly used on basement and crawl space walls and floors.
  • Forms a crystalline structure beneath concrete surface that fills pores, voids or cracks that may not be visible to the human eye. Stops moisture and soil gases, including radon, from entering basement, resulting in healthier air quality.
  • Permanently densifies, strengthens and waterproofs new and existing concrete.
  • Available in one or five gallon containers. Sold as concentrate. Mix with hot water prior to use.

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Stop Moisture Penetration Through Concrete

EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer is the established and proven concrete sealer for protecting and preserving concrete. For use on poured and block concrete walls and floors, EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer is the go-to concrete sealer waterproofing contractors trust when servicing lingering basement and crawl space seepage issues in concrete.

Upon application, EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer reacts with the free lime in concrete to form an expanded crystalline structure, effectively filling that otherwise would allow in moisture and soil gases, including radon, into the basement or crawl space. EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer will permanently densify and strengthen concrete. The end result is a highly practical, cost-effective means to lowering humidity in basement or crawl space areas, helping to minimize the transport of unhealthy air from below-grade up towards the rest of the home.

EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer is concentrated. The concentrate gives contractors more for their money as opposed to the diluted version of similar products shipped by our competitors. It covers approximately 200 square feet per diluted gallon, pending substrate composition and porosity. It is easy to apply via the use of a low pressure hand sprayer or garden sprayer. It may be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces, including both poured or block concrete.

EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer is not a membrane type sealer, and is harmless to the environment and the applicator. It is colorless, odorless and solvent-free.

Application: For block walls, dilute 1 gallon of EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer with 2 gallons of hot water; for poured concrete walls, dilute with three-gallons of hot water. Be sure to mix thoroughly in a clean bucket or pail and apply with a typical garden sprayer (found at most hardware stores).   To maximize its use, Emecole Metro recommends two applications of EmeSealCrete Penetrating Concrete Sealer.  Apply the second coat 30-45 minutes after the first, while the concrete is still damp from the first application.

Concrete Block - Dilute 2:1 with Hot Water

EmeSealCrete Diluted GallonsCoverage/Diluted Gal.Total Coverage
1 Gallon3200 sq. ft.600 sq. ft.
4 Gallon Case12200 sq. ft.2400 sq. ft.
5 Gallon Bucket15200 sq. ft.3000 sq. ft.

Poured Concrete - Dilute 3:1 with Hot Water

EmeSealCrete Diluted GallonsCoverage/Diluted Gal.Total Coverage
1 Gallon4200 sq. ft.800 sq. ft.
4 Gallon Case16200 sq. ft.3200 sq. ft.
5 Gallon Bucket20200 sq. ft.4000 sq. ft.

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