Emecole Metro Control & Expansion Joint Filler Kit

Control and Expansion Joint Polyurea Filler
  • Kit with all components to fill approximately 30 feet of control or expansion joints in concrete.
  • Provides an air tight seal while allowing concrete to move and shift.
  • Self levels to create a flat surface. Wheels on carts can freely roll over control and expansion joints.
  • UV resistant. Color will not change in sunlight, resulting in a clean and finished appearance.
  • Kit includes Emecole 85-90 Concrete Crack Filler and Sealer packaged in 12 ounce universal cartridges, mixers and accessories. Use with a standard caulk gun (not included).

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via EmecoleShop.com, our contractor exclusive website (requires an EmecoleShop.com Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Fill Control and Expansion Joints in Flat Concrete Applications

The Emecole Metro Control and Expansion Joint Filler Kit can be used to fill expansion joints and control joints. It forms an air tight seal.

This kit features Emecole Metro 85-90 Concrete Crack Filler & Sealer.  It’s a two part, gray polyurea that tenaciouly bonds to concrete surfaces.  Emecole Metro85-90 is a self leveling, hard rubber like material that can be shaved with a razor after installation for a smooth finished surface.

Expansion and control joints need to allow concrete slabs to move and shift.  The properties of Emecole Metro 85-90 allow that movement while creating an air tight seal.

Common Applications:

  • Basements: Use this kit to fill expansion joints in basement floors. An expansion joint is a common source of moisture and dangerous soil gases like radon, Emecole Metro 85-90 seals the joint while still allowing slab movement.
  • Warehouse Floors: Expansion and control joints in warehouse floors often catch the small wheels of carts. Emecole Metro 85-90 self levels in the joint and it can be shaved smooth for a seamless transition from one slab to the next.
  • Joints Between a Patio and a Foundation: There are typically gaps between a patio and the foundation of a home. Rain water collects on the patio and it can run down into that gap. That water then runs down the depth of the foundation and increases the likelihood of water in a basement. Emecole Metro 85-90 can waterproof that gap so the water does not run down the foundation wall.

Emecole Metro 85-90 in this kit is packaged in a special two part universal cartridge. Both part A and part B of Emecole Metro 85-90 are inside a specially designed tubeset that fits a standard caulk gun (available at any hardware store). Emecole Metro 85-90 is also available in full case quantities of dual cartridge for individual purchase (packaged in 300cc tubes and require a 300cc dual dispensing gun).

This kit comes with enough material and accessories to fill approximately 30 feet of control or expansion joints (coverage may vary).

Additional Information:

PDF Document Prop 65 Warning (California)

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