Emecole Metro 30 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit

  • Ideal contractor starter kit for repairing approximately 30 feet of cracks in poured concrete foundations.
  • Includes materials and equipment to get started in low pressure crack injection. Consumables may be re-ordered in bulk, allowing contractors to save money as subsequent jobs become more profitable.
  • Includes the Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun, the number one tool for crack injection. Provides years of use and ensures quality repairs.
  • Choice of either of our premium injection materials. Choose either polyurethane or epoxy depending on the type of crack and/or contractor preference.
  • Included tool box allows for easy transport and storing of injection materials and equipment. Convenient for contractors to move from job to job.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via EmecoleShop.com, our contractor exclusive website (requires an EmecoleShop.com Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Repair Multiple Poured Foundation Wall Cracks

Repair multiple foundation cracks, up to approximately 30 feet in length. The Emecole Metro 30 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit utilizes low pressure crack injection, giving contractors a proven product and process to successfully service cracks in basements, crawl spaces, pools or any other poured concrete wall, including lift stations, elevator pit stations and below-grade mechanical rooms. The included components within the kit makes foundation crack repair a viable service option for contractors from all work backgrounds.

Both user-friendly and very cost effective, most injections are completed in about an hour, resulting in a permanent repair solution in which cracks are filled from front-to-back and top-to-bottom.

This kit is commonly used by contractors in residential applications, including basements, crawl spaces and pools. It is also suitable for municipal, commercial and industrial applications, including concrete lift stations, elevator pits, housed systems or below-grade mechanical rooms.

Choice of Polyurethane or Epoxy Injection Material

The Emecole Metro 30 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit comes with the choice of either Emecole Metro 102 Premium Polyurethane or Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Low Viscosity Epoxy. Contractors choose pending the type of crack that is in need of repair or based on personal material preference. The included injection material with the 30 ft. Kit is packaged in dual cartridges and is injected using the included Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun.

  • We recommend polyurethane for injecting into typical wet and leaking cracks that do not pose a structural risk to the foundation. Upon reacting with water, Emecole Metro 102 Premium Polyurethane expands up to 20 times its original size. This high expansion capability makes the choice of polyurethane the more user-friendly injection option for low pressure crack injection. The end result is a watertight and flexible repair that completely seals out water and soil gases.
  • Epoxy is recommended for injecting into structural cracks which may compromise the foundation’s structural integrity. The added bonding strength of Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy fuses concrete back together, resulting in a repair that is stronger than the original concrete. Upon injection, Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy rapidly thickens inside the crack within 15 to 20 minutes. This rapid thickening minimizes the amount of lost material that leaks into the soil, ensuring that the most amount of injected epoxy material stays within the crack. The end result is a strong and watertight repair that seals out water and soil gases.

Included Kit Components

  • Choice of injection material
    • Three (3) dual cartridges of Emecole Metro 102 Premium Polyurethane – recommended for common non-structural wet and leaking cracks
    • Six (6) dual cartridges of Emecole Metro 121 Premium Cast Curing Low Viscosity Epoxy – recommended for structural cracks
  • Choice of Surface Seal
    • Three (3) dual cartridges of Emecole Metro 901 Surface Seal – cures in approximately one hour and stays on the wall after injection
    • Three (3) dual cartridges of Emecole Metro 322 Premium Surface Seal-n-Peel – cures in approximately 35 to 45 minutes and easily peels off the wall leaving a clean finished look
  • One (1) Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun
  • One (1) Emecole Metro 455 Blow Hole Repair Syringe – for fast repair of pinhole leaks during the injection process
  • Fifty (50) Surface Ports
  • Ten (10) Corner Surface Ports
  • Four (4) Injection Hose Assemblies
  • Static Mixing Nozzles & Retaining Nuts
  • Plastic squeeze bottle (with polyurethane injection kit)
  • Also included are rubber gloves, safety glasses, wire brush, mixing sticks, drop-cloth, plastic trowel and written instructions

Proven Crack Injection Process for Ultimate Contractor Success

Pioneered by Emecole Metro founder Louis Cole in the 1980s, low pressure crack injection continues to be the most proven and relied upon foundation crack repair method throughout the United States and Canada by contractors of all work background experience. With a low initial supply investment, crack injection is a reliable repair method for any contractor, whether servicing cracks on a daily basis or only on rare occasions.

As the manufacturer and developer of our line of materials, Emecole Metro has the expertise to provide the most in-depth product help and technical support to ensure that contractors yield optimized results while on the job.

Supplemental Information:

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Let's Get You On Your Way Towards Repairing Multiple Cracks

Looking to add foundation crack repair to your line of services? We’d love to learn more about your company and how the low pressure injection process can potentially grow your business.

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