Surface Ports

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Surface Port
  • Serves as the entry of injected Emecole Metro epoxy and polyurethane materials – adheres to crack surfaces via Emecole Metro Surface Seals
  • Variations available:
    • Standard Surface Port – for flat foundation wall crack surfaces. Sold in boxes of 250 or 1,000
    • Corner Port for Corner Cracks – Sold in boxes of 250 or 1,000. Standard/Corner Port Combo box also available.
    • Low Profile Port – 1/4-inch base separates from stem allowing for easy removal. Sold in boxes of 250.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Allows for Foundation Crack Repair Injection, No Drilling

Surface Ports, when adhered to the wall, serve as the entry of injection material (i.e. Emecole Metro Epoxies or Polyurethane Foams) into foundation cracks during the low-pressure crack injection process. Surface Ports glue to the foundation wall via one of Emecole Metro’s Surface Seal and Port Adhesive materials.

The Surface Port’s opening is designed to link directly and lock into static mixers commonly used in low-pressure crack injection. This feature eliminates leakage at the injection point.

The Surface Port opening is compatible with the specially designed Emecole Metro Hose Assembly. The Hose Assembly can be used to control flow remotely from a dual dispensing gun, such as the Emecole Jake 300 Spring Loaded Dispensing Gun.

The Surface Port can also be modified to exhibit the feature of a one-way check valve. A metal ball can be inserted through the base opening, allowing material to flow into the crack but preventing material from backing out through the port. This is especially useful when working on overhead cracks with epoxies or polyurethane foams on any concrete crack.

The base of the Surface Port features two slits which serve a dual purpose. The slits allow the Surface Seal material to better bond the port to the foundation surface by improving anchoring. The base can also be folded along the slits for ease of inserting ports in difficult to reach areas, such as corners. The Corner Port is also available for this purpose, and can also be converted to drill ports for low-pressure injection.

For cracks previously repaired using hydraulic cement, we recommend the use of Corner Ports.

Additional Surface Port Variations

Foundation Crack Repair Corner Surface Port

Corner Surface Port

Cracks in the foundation may also develop within corner areas of the wall. The Corner Port is designed to fit perfectly in wall corners, where as a standard surface port will not properly fit. Corner Ports adhere to the wall with one of our Emecole Metro Surface Seal materials (most typically our Emecole Metro 302 Premium Surface Seal or our Emecol Metro 322 Premium Seal-n-Peel Surface Seal).

For Non-Corner, “Previously Repaired” Crack Surfaces with Hydraulic Cement

A common question we receive from contractors regards normal (non-cornered) wall cracks previously “repaired” with hydraulic cement. Since the use of hydraulic cement only covers the crack, as opposed to actually filling the crack inside the foundation wall, it doesn’t take long for leaking water to resurface. For such situations, injection with an Emecole Metro polyurethane foam or epoxy is possible. For such applications, the Corner Port may provide a better fit over the cement’s rough texture – this option may help prevent the applicator from initially having to remove the hydraulic cement.

Foundation Crack Repair Low Profile Surface Port

Low Profile Surface Port

The Low Profile Surface Port is a modular injection port for the repair of foundation cracks. The Low Profile Surface Port consists of a base very similar to the standard Surface Port. The Low Profile Surface Port’s unique design makes it an indispensable injection accessory for both epoxies and polyurethane foams. It may be used in combination with both Surface Ports and Corner Surface Ports, or used alone as a low profile port. The Low Profile Surface Port can be easily capped after removing the extension. The leftover port is only 1/4″ off the foundation wall.

The Low Profile Surface Port’s base is separate from the stem section of the port. The stem and base can be attached for the injection process, and then separated after the injection is complete. The base is then capped with a low profile cap. The net result is that after the injection process is finished, there is typically no need to remove the ports from the wall in many situations as the port barely exceeds the thickness of the surface seal on the wall.

The low profile surface port’s stem can be attached to either of Emecole Metro’s standard surface ports or corner surface ports, resulting in an extended stem length when necessary.

The Low Profile Surface Port attaches to the Emecole Metro Hose Assembly — the port itself and the extension stem easily fits (see photo, right).

Let's Discuss Typical Wet & Leaking Foundation Crack Repair

We’d love to discuss your wet and leaking non-structural foundation crack repair project and the full capabilities of 102 Premium Polyurethane.

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