Interior Drainage Foundation Waterproofing System
  • Interior drainage that collects and directs water from basement perimeter to the sump pump.
  • Prevents clogging from soil and ground debris.
  • 6 foot pieces and connectors make for easy transport and assembly.
  • Can be used with poured concrete or block.
  • Sold in 6 ft. units (base component). Additional add-on components sold separately.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase these products via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

The Versa-Drain is an alternative interior drain tile system that gives contractors a more cost-efficient basement waterproofing solution. Applicable for either poured concrete or block, the Versa-Drain is specifically engineered for installation on top of footers, helping to prevent clogging from soil and ground debris. The Versa-Drain collects the water from the perimeter and effectively directs it to the sump pump.

Its placement on top of the footer significantly eases the installation process, providing a true workable interior drainage installation solution to existing properties . Less digging, less soil removal and less gravel reduces labor and disruption to existing properties.

  • 6 foot pieces and connectors make for easy transport and on-site assembly
  • Can be used with both poured foundation and block foundations
  • Less expensive than outside drainage systems
  • Baseboard back extension directs water seepage to the drain (optional add-on accessory)
  • Concrete is poured flush to the baseboard extension for a neat, clean look

Versa-Drain Add-On Components

Each individual 6 ft. Versa-Drain connects via Connector Clips. The Versa-Drain be installed within corners via the Versa-Drain Corner & Plug piece. For added waterproofing protection, the Versa-Drain may be used with our closed or open back extensions. All added components are sold separately.

Versa-Drain Closed Back Extension

Snaps onto the base Versa-Drain system, providing added water drainage collection capability. Its solid ridges makes the Versa-Drain a closed interior drain tile system that provides a barrier against harmful soil gases.

For added waterproofing protection, use the Versa-Drain and Closed Back Extension with the EmeSeal 90 Mil Liner.

Versa-Drain Open Back Extension

Snaps onto the base Versa-Drain system, providing added water drainage collection capability.

Versa-Drain Connector Clips

Versa-Drain Connector Clips

Easily snaps onto the back of the Versa-Drain and allows for the easy connecting of each 6 foot Versa-Drain piece. Prevents the separation of each Versa-Drain piece and ensures that the entire perimeter of Versa-Drain along the wall is one single component.

Versa-Drain Corner & Plug

Connects to the 6 ft. Versa-Drain base component providing a viable means for fitting within corners. Consists of top corner piece, bottom corner piece and plug/cap.

Versa-Drain Corner Flush-Out Extension

Versa-Drain Corner Flush-Out Extension

Used in conjunction with the Versa-Drain Corner & Plug. The addition of the Corner Flush-Out Extension allows concrete to be poured up to the top of the extension, while providing an opening (after removing the corner plug) for flushing out of the system for easy cleaning or removing of obstruction in the future.

Provide Your Customers with the Proven Versa-Drain Solution

Interested in learning more about the Versa-Drain for an upcoming job? We’d love to discuss your project and provide further information on how the Versa-Drain or one of our other drainage systems can be put to work for you.

Getting in touch with our team of basement waterproofing experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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