Emecole Metro Water-Stop Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Membrane
  • Water-based membrane for waterproofing below-grade concrete.
  • Forms a seamless, smooth and continuous moisture barrier that wicks away water, preventing it from penetrating through concrete.
  • May be used with Emecole Dimple Board for Exterior Drainage. The combined use results in added waterproofing protection.
  • May be sprayed or applied by brush, trowel or a heavy nap roller.
  • Available in 5 gallon containers.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via EmecoleShop.com, our contractor exclusive website (requires an EmecoleShop.com Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Emecole Water-Stop is a water-based elastomeric emulsion membrane designated for the new construction waterproofing of below-grade concrete. Upon curing, Emecole Water-Stop forms a seamless, smooth and continuous moisture barrier. The heavy duty elastomeric emulsion coating wicks away water, preventing it from penetrating through concrete walls and into the basement.

The installation of Emecole Water-Stop is a critical first step in new construction waterproofing. When concrete surfaces are left untreated, homeowners are relying on the concrete wall itself to protect against water and moisture penetration. Unfortunately, bare concrete provides little to no protection. As concrete ages and defects, the basement becomes prone to lingering water seepage and leaks, which often results in mold growth and musty smells.

Available in 5 gal. pails, Emecole Water-Stop may be sprayed or applied by brush, trowel or a heavy nap roller. Its high strength will not be affected by water or soil exposure. It will resist freeze/thaw cycles, allowing it to stay flexible while continuing to provide decreased permeability.

Emecole Water-Stop may be used with Emecole Dimple Board for Exterior Drainage. The added installation of Emecole Dimple Board effectively drains moisture to the ground, providing the most comprehensive exterior waterproofing protection, while offering homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

Additional Details:

  • Coverage depends on porosity and surface roughness. A 5 gal. pail of Emecole Water-Stop approximately averages 100 ft. of coverage.
  • Application should take place in temperatures above 20° F.
  • All surfaces should be clean and dry at time of application.
  • Concrete surfaces should be allowed their proper curing time (28 days) before application of Emecole Water-Stop
  • Total cure-time is 24 hours. Backfilling may occur after 24 hours of application and within 15 days following application.

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