Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

Above Grade UV Resistant Exterior Waterproofing Membrane
  • Water-based membrane for waterproofing above-grade and below-grade concrete.
  • Forms a seamless, smooth and continuous moisture barrier that wicks away water, preventing it from penetrating through concrete.
  • UV resistant, making it usable for above-grade. Provides long-lasting durable waterproofing protection and color stability.
  • May be sprayed or applied by brush, trowel or a heavy nap roller.
  • Available in 5 gallon containers.

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via EmecoleShop.com, our contractor exclusive website (requires an EmecoleShop.com Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV is an exterior waterproofing membrane intended for both above or below-grade concrete structures, including basement foundations. Upon curing, Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV forms a smooth and continuous moisture barrier that wicks away water to ensure that basements or concrete interiors are waterproofed. Its resistance to UV radiation provides long-lasting durable waterproofing protection and color stability, while resisting acid rain, salt spray, freeze-thaw cycles and all types of weathering. Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV is LEED Certified, making it a green product and can be used towards LEEDS building credits.

The added protection of Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV in new construction is important since bare concrete provides little to no waterproofing protection. As concrete ages and defects, interior structures (i.e. basements) become prone to lingering water seepage and leaks, which often results in mold growth and musty smells. For the upmost of protection, we do recommend the added installation of a drainage board, such as Emecole Metro Dimple Board for Exterior Drains, following the use of Emecole Metro Water-Stop UV.

Additional Details:

  • Packaging: 5 gallon pails
  • Coverage: 40 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Color: Gray
  • Initial Dry Time: 4 to 6 hours
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs. per gallon
  • Permeability: 0.01 perm
  • Cure Time: Full cure is 24 hours per coat
  • Equipment: Use of a 3300 PSI sprayer with a 727 spray tip is recommended

Add-On Accessories

Dimple Board Connector Plates

Dimple Board Connector Plates are fastened along the seems of Dimple Board. Available in boxes of 20.

Low Profile Baseboard

Low Profile Baseboard

May be used in conjunction with Dimple Board. Attaches to the top of Dimple Board and protects dimpled space from concrete, dirt or any obstruction that would otherwise divert the channel of water. Also may be used with Hydro-Channel and select EmeSeal Crawl Space System liners/vapor barriers.

Provide Your Customers with a Proven Exterior Drainage Solution

Interested in learning more about Dimple Board for an upcoming job? We’d love to discuss your project and provide further information on how Dimple Board or one of our other drainage systems can be put to work for you.

Getting in touch with our team of basement waterproofing experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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