Emecole Metro RadonShield Sealant G2 for DIY Repairs


Quantity: 6 universal cartridges

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Cold joints in the basement floor are often a common entry for soil gases, such as radon. Since at least 50 percent of the air that circulates throughout the home originates from below-grade, unhealthy air in the basement should be a cause of concern for any homeowner. Eliminating this source of entry requires a premium polymer solution that can effectively seal out soil gases.

The proven D-I-Y solution to stopping this entry of soil gases is the use of Emecole Metro RadonShield Sealant G2. When applied over cove joints, it provides a radon resistant and air tight seal. What makes Emecole Metro RadionShield Sealant G2 more effective than “off the shelf” caulks is that it is engineered for application on both dry and damp conditions, allowing it to remain flexible and never dry out. Its excellent adhesion to concrete provides an effective cold joint sealing solution.

Another common entry point for soil gases in the basement is the cove, the area where the wall meets the floor. Since the concrete floor is its own pour separate from that of the foundation, the scenario exists where the gap between the wall and the floor may be as much as 1/4″ thick. Emecole RadonShield Sealant G2 makes for an effective seal over coves, helping to further protect against the entry of soil gases.

Product Quantity:

Emecole Metro RadonShield Sealant G2 is packaged in universal cartridges, and sold in cases of six. It may be dispensed from the cartridge using a standard caulk gun.

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