Ion Technologies JSPII Preassembled Sump & Battery Backup System

Preassembled Sump Pump System Ion Technologies JPSII Combo System
  • Primary sump pump and backup combo unit.
  • Utilizes a high capacity 1/3 HP Ion Technologies WC33i Sump Pump capable of pumping 44 GPM at 10 foot. Handles high water inflow, minimizing risk of flooding.
  • 12 volt DC backup pump is capable of pumping up to 35 GPM. Won’t become overwhelmed in situations where power goes out or in the unlikely event that the primary sump pump fails.
  • Pumps will automatically operate simultaneously under severe conditions to provide maximum protection.
  • Backup pump fueled by one Power Plus AGM Battery (optional add-on purchase).

Contractor Pricing & Purchasing

Contractors may purchase this product via, our contractor exclusive website (requires an Contractor Account). For questions or to purchase by phone, call 815-372-2493.

Powerful All-In-One Main & Backup Sump Pump

This sump pump and battery backup system is configured in one easy to install package. It features the Ion Technologies WC33i Sump Pump, which is capable of pumping 45 GPM at a 10 foot head, with the Ion Technologies 2100-DC Pump, which provides up to 35 GPM of backup protection. This all-in-one preassembled system gives the assurance that if the power goes out or in the unlikely event that the primary pump fails, the backup pump won’t become overwhelmed and allow the basement to flood.

The system comes with high quality switches to activate and de-activate the pumps.  The most amount of wear and tear placed on pumps is at the beginning of each pump cycle.  That’s why we have specifically designed the system with switches that reduce the number of overall cycles and extend pump life.  They are constructed from heavy duty materials that will not rust, rot or decay to provide the ultimate in reliability.

The backup pump is fueled by a long running deep cycle Power+ AGM Battery (available as optional add-on purchase). These batteries are meant to be completely depleted thousands of times during their lifespan. In contrast, marine or automotive batteries are generally starter or hybrid starter/deep cycle batteries. They are designed for short powerful bursts of electricity to start engines. They are not designed to run for extended periods of time and running the energy down past 50% more than a few times will most likely kill the battery for good. AGM batteries are safer than typical flooded or gel batteries in that they will never leak dangerous battery acid or fumes. Also, they are completely maintenance free. They never need to be filled with acid or water like flooded batteries.

Getting the power to the battery is a five stage eight amp charger.  The charger has an audible alarm to notify you of a power outage or primary pump failure and LED lights to inform you of system information including pump and battery statuses.

Installation is quick and simple.  The systems come with written instructions and a typical install can be done by a pro in less than 15 minutes.  The system comes fully charged and ready to be installed, even the check valves come pre-installed.  Simply make the electrical and discharge pipe connections.

Operation Manuals:

For complete operation and maintenance for the Ion Technologies JSPII Preassembled Sump & Battery Backup System, please refer to the manuals listed below.

PDF Document Ion Technologies WC33i Sump Pump

PDF Document Ion Technologies 2100-DC Battery Backup System

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