Concrete & Brick Sealers

Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 Gallon

EmeSealCrete – Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Reduces the penetration of moisture and soil gas infiltration by filling up pores, voids or cracks within the concrete. May be used to densify, strengthen and waterproof new and existing concrete.

5 Gal. Water Repellant Solution for Masonry and Concrete

Emecole Metro Brick & Paver Sealer

Silane water repellent solution for use on masonry and concrete. Upon application, it forms a barrier that prevents water from penetrating into the substrate, minimizing the likelihood of future cracking and deterioration. Available in one and five gallon ready-to-use pails.

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2 Sealant

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2

Provides a radon resistant, air tight seal to cove joints (where the wall meets the floor) in basements and crawl spaces.

Provide Your Customers with a Healthy Whole Home Environment

Provide added value to your line of services by offering your customers with a proven whole home health solution. We would love to learn more about the type of work you provide and how our products can help your business grow.

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