Crawl Space Encapsulation Accessories

Our collection of crawl space repair accessories provide contractors with the components needed to complete and enhance installations of the EmeSeal Crawl Space System. From the adhering of individual liners to make a complete seal to ventilation and sump pit add-on accessories, Emecole Metro’s complete line of crawl space encapsulation accessories give contractors the capabilities to transform wet and musty crawl spaces into dry and healthy environments.

Fasteners for Securing Vapor Barriers to Crawl Space Walls

EmeSeal Button Fasteners

EmeSeal Button Fasteners assist in adhesion of EmeSeal Crawl Space System Liners to the foundation wall. Available in bags of 100. Button fasteners are 1″ x 1/4″.

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2 Sealant

Emecole Metro RadonShield G2

Used for adhering our crawl space liners to walls to seal the top of the system. Also commonly used to provide an air tight seal to cove joints (where the wall meets the floor).

Crawl Space Pit & Pump Kit

Packaged sump pit and sump pump kit sized specifically for crawl spaces.

Sump Pit Seal Lid, Dome Cover

Sump Pit Seal Lid

Heavy-duty sump pit lid that bolts to the floor while sealing out dangerous soil gases such as radon. Clear window allows for easy sump pit inspection.

Sump Donut

Sump Donut

Installs beneath any EmeSeal Crawl Space Floor Liner and is used in conjunction with the Sump Pit Seal Lid. The end result is a secured seal that keeps out soil gases, such as radon, moisture and odors.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Corner Pier Pieces

EmeSeal Crawl Space Pier Corner

Simplifies pier encapsulation. Pre-cut corner pieces easily wrap around crawl space piers.

Ventilation System for Crawl Space by Ion Technologies

Ion Technologies Fresh & Clean Crawl Space Ventilation System

An all-in-one dehumidifier and air purifier that removes unhealthy air from the crawl space while re-circulating clean and healthy air from the home’s upper levels.

Provide Your Customers with a Clean and Healthy Crawl Space

Transform a dark and dank crawl space into a bright, clean and healthy environment with our extensive selection of crawl space vapor barriers and encapsulation accessories. The Emecole Metro team would love to help you select the best components for your upcoming job.

Getting in touch with our team of crawl space encapsulation experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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