Crawl Space Liner Seam Tapes

Our seaming tapes are specifically designed to bond EmeSeal Crawl Space System vapor barriers together.  We offer multiple options to form a complete seal and stop any infiltration of moisture or soil gases.  We use special backing and proprietary adhesives engineered specially for our liners to create an air and moisture tight barrier.

White Vapor Barrier Seaming Tape

EmeSeal 4″ White Seaming Tape

Engineered to seal out gases and moisture. Designed for excellent adhesion in all conditions, yet easy to peel off the roll. 108 lineal feet per roll (4″ x 108 linear feet – 12 rolls per case).

Vapor Barrier Seam Lock Adhesive Tape

EmeSeal Seam Lock

A 35 mil rubber based two-sided adhesive tape that locks the seams between the layers of the EmeSeal 90 Mil Crawl Space Liner (or other conventional liners).

Vapor Barrier Aluminum Seaming Tape

EmeSeal Aluminum Seaming Tape

Aluminum Seaming Tape for use with the EmeSeal 90 Mil Crawl Space Liner, when installing the aluminum side facing out.

Provide Your Customers with a Clean and Healthy Crawl Space

Transform a dark and dank crawl space into a bright, clean and healthy environment with our extensive selection of crawl space vapor barriers and encapsulation accessories. The Emecole Metro team would love to help you select the best components for your upcoming job.

Getting in touch with our team of crawl space encapsulation experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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