Celebrating World Water Day and the Active Preservation of Water With Metropolitan Industries

Celebrating World Water Day 2020

While we all understand that water is essential, it’s easy to take such a precious commodity for granted. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. That is an average of 1 in 3 people. To raise awareness against this, the United Nations has declared March 22 World Water Day.

Originating in 1993, World Water Day is celebrated each year by organizations around the world. The goal is to raise awareness and to help combat this problem while also celebrating the appreciation of water.

At Emecole Metro we appreciate water as much as anyone. But, considering our industry, we are in a unique position. As a developer and supplier of waterproofing products, we help people keep water out of basements and crawl spaces. Simply put, we consider water to be a nuisance!

We never questioned that mindset until 2016 when we were acquired by Metropolitan Industries. As an industry expert in water movement and management, Metropolitan manufactures a variety of pumping systems used for many types of large-scale applications.

Metropolitan has products and systems inside Soldier Field, Buckingham Fountain and the Statute of Liberty.

Regardless of its use, Metropolitan can build the right system for just about any project. From flow distribution and treatment, to temperature control and hydronics, Metropolitan engineers custom systems to accommodate just about any water use, collection or treatment requirements.

In recent years, Metropolitan has increased their focus towards water reuse. Recycled water is a viable option for applications not requiring potable water. With the proper implementation, cities and individual buildings can spare the use of drinking water for when it is not needed.

One of their most recent water recycling projects involved a client in Durham, NC, looking to use reclaimed water in place of potable water. Metropolitan built this client an Air Gap Break Tank System to eliminate any possibility of cross-contaminating their water supply.

Over the years, demand for Air Gap Break Tanks at Metropolitan continue to increase in demand, in both their municipal and commercial departments. A growing number of those Air Gaps are being used towards implementing recycled water.

As water availability becomes a growing concern in our changing climate, Metropolitan is primed to be an active participant to help end users spare the use of potable water when possible.

While our day-to-day at Emecole Metro is to help contractors and homeowners keep water out of basements and crawl spaces, we appreciate knowing that our parent company has a more favorable appreciation when it comes to water. More importantly, they are active participants in its long-term preservation!

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