Emecole Metro DIY Carbon Fiber Power Grid Kit – 30 Pack


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In most cases, a successful basement wall crack repair can be completed using an Emecole Metro DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit. In some applications, exceptions apply where active movement towards the basement wall (resulting from settlement, soil pressure or freeze/thaw cycles) results in stress load that may cause additional cracks to develop. In such scenarios, additional strength is necessary to ensure a long-lasting permanent solution.

For basement wall applications with structural cracks (i.e. diagonal, horizontal, jagged or stair-stepped), the long-term precautionary measure before injecting with an Emecole Metro DIY Foundation Crack Repair Epoxy Kit is to first install Carbon Fiber Grids, which provide the reinforcement necessary to protect against further crack development. Each Carbon Fiber Grid is comprised of high tensile strength filament tows engineered into a woven grid-like strap. Upon installation, Carbon Fiber Grids distribute stress load away from the damaged area, protecting against the formation of new cracks.

This Emecole Metro DIY Carbon Fiber Power Grid Kit is equipped with 30 Carbon Fiber Grids. The added components, including Emecole Metro 4121 Carbon Fiber Epoxy, allows for a successful do-it-yourself installation, while providing approximately 30 feet of basement wall crack reinforcement coverage.

  • Thirty (30) Carbon Fiber Grids – reinforces approximately 30 feet of foundation cracks
  • Two (2) dual cartridges of Emecole Metro 4121 Carbon Fiber Epoxy
  • Six (6) Green Turbo Mixers with Two (2) Retaining Nuts
  • Also included are safety glasses, plastic trowel, rubber gloves and written instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this product be used in the middle of winter or when the temperature outside is below freezing? What is the coldest (or warmest) temperature your product will work in?

The ideal temperature for the use of the materials packaged in this kit is between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Assuming that the basement is heated, any outside temperature should not impact the performance of the chemicals  during the basement crack repair process. The only caveat is that chemicals should not be stored in freezing temperatures.

Will Carbon Fiber Staples be effective for bowed basement walls?

No, a bowed basement wall requires an even stronger reinforcement option. Homeowners may consider our 36 ft. Carbon Fiber Fabric Strap Wall Repair Kit. For more immediate structural concerns, please consult with a contractor or a structural engineer.