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Emecole Metro’s backup pumps are fueled by a long running 120 amp hour AGM battery. AGM batteries are true deep cycle batteries. They are meant to be completely depleted thousands of times during their lifespan. In contrast, marine or automotive batteries are generally starter or hybrid starter/deep cycle batteries. They are designed for short powerful bursts of electricity to start engines. They are not designed to run for extended periods of time and running the energy down past 50% more than a few times will most likely kill the battery for good. AGM batteries are safer than typical flooded or Gel batteries in that they will never leak dangerous battery acid or fumes. Also, they are completely maintenance free. They never need to be filled with acid or water like flooded batteries. The AGM battery can keep our backups running twice as long as other backup batteries.

  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) for ultimate back up protection.
  • AGM batteries perform twice as well as regular batteries.
  • AGM batteries never leak dangerous fumes or harmful liquids like acid even if they are broken.
  • Come charged and ready to install. No adding of battery acid or water!
  • Can be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex.

Nominal Voltages: 12 Volts Rated Capacity: 120 amp hour (twice the power of typical marine batteries) Size: 13″W x 7″L x 8.5″H Weight: 73 lbs Terminal: Type B threaded copper 5 years performance period

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