Pump Accessories

Essential accessories and premium control and monitoring solutions for the Ion Technologies line of sump pumps and backup systems.

Ion Sensor Switch, Digital Level Control

Ion Sensor Switch

Solid-state level sensing switch electronically turns pumps on and off. With no moving parts or contact points to either wear or fail, concern over common mechanical failures are now a part of the past.

Smart Sump Pump Controller with Digital Sensors

Ion Genesis

Digital pump controller monitors key activity and alerts end users when detecting a potential issue, including high water, excessive runtime, or pump failure. Controls one or two pumps, either alternating or simultaneously, while its stationary sensors detect when water level reaches preset activation height or configured high-level setpoint.

Quiet Check Valve

Quiet Check Valve

Prevents backflow of discharged water from flowing back into the sump pit, allowing for maximum pumping capacity. Its quiet offset flapper eliminates noise following each discharge.

Maintenance Free Sump Pump Battery

Power+ AGM Battery

Engineered specifically for pumps, which require extended run and depletion capabilities without compromising the battery. This true deep cycle marine battery powers the Ion Technologies line of backup systems, allowing them to run twice as long as other backup batteries. The Power+ AGM Battery is 100 percent maintenance free.

High Water Alarm Sump Pump Accessory

SPI Observer 200 High Water Alarm

Designed to monitor liquid levels in sump basins, holding tanks, lift station tanks and many other non-potable water and wastewater applications. Equipped with a sounding alarm to notify of a high water situation.

Dialer Package Sump Pump Accessory

Sump Pump Dialer Package

Automatically calls any phone number to alert homeowners that an issue with the sump pump is taking place.

Complete Your Basement Flood Prevention Capabilities

Our sump pump accessories compliment our selection of sump pumps and battery backup systems, providing contractors with the most versatile basement flood prevention products. We’d love to discuss the Ion Technologies product line with you.

Getting in touch with our team of basement flood prevention experts is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away.

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