Crack Injection Tools & Accessories

We are the one-stop supplier of foundation crack repair products by providing a complete arsenal of injection tools and accessories that accommodate our low and high pressure injection materials. We have the components that complete the contractor’s essential list of supplies to result in successful foundation crack repairs.

Low Pressure Injection Components

Complete supply of tools and accessories for repairing poured foundation wall cracks via the low pressure injection process.

Jake 300 Foundation Crack Repair Dispensing Tool

Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun

Our signature dispensing gun for the dispensing of our injection materials and surface seals packaged in dual cartridges. Features a spring-loaded high performance trigger. May be used with any combination of 300cc, 150cc and 75cc dual cartridges.

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Surface Port

Surface Ports

Allows for the entry of injected epoxy or polyurethane material into poured foundation wall cracks. Eliminates need for drilling holes into cracks. Corner ports and unique low profile ports also available.

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Mixers

Static Mixing Nozzles

Engineered to combine and mix injected epoxy or polyurethane material upon dispensing. Each mixer is sized specifically and must be used with its intended injection material or surface seal.

Retaining Nut for Static Mixing Nozzles

Retaining Nuts

Secures static mixer to material cartridge.

Foundation Crack Repair Injection Hose Assembly

Injection Hose Assembly

Connects directly to Surface Ports and Static Mixing Nozzles, giving contractors easier access to injecting foundation cracks around hard to reach areas, such as furnaces, sinks, etc.

High Pressure Injection Components

Complete supply of accessories for repairing poured foundation wall cracks via the high pressure injection process.

High Pressure Injection Foundation Crack Repair Grease Gun

Grease Gun

Standard duty grease gun for repairing foundation cracks via the high pressure injection of Emecole Metro’s polyurethane materials.

High Pressure Injection Crack Repair Pump Flush

Emecole Metro Pump Flush

For cleaning high pressure injection pumps. Use before and after use of the pump to ensure a moisture free pumping system.

Foundation Crack Repair High Pressure Injection Packers

Injection Packers

For placement in holes drilled at 45 degrees to intersect the interior of the crack. Suitable for hairlines, previously repaired cracks or actively leaking cracks. Available in steel or brass, and in multiple sizes pending depth of repaired crack.

Foundation Crack Repair Bang in Ports


A more economical alternative to our Injection Packers. Each port comes with a zerk connector. Works with Grease Gun Couplers.

Grease Gun Couplers for High Pressure Crack Repair Injection

Grease Gun Couplers

Attaches Injection Packers to Grease Gun when repairing cracks via high pressure injection of Emecole Metro’s polyurethane materials.

Pricing & Purchasing

These products are available for direct purchase to contractors. For contractor pricing or to purchase, call Emecole Metro at 815-372-2493 or purchase online via (requires an Contractor Account).


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