High Tensile Strength Grids Provide New Options for Carbon Fiber Crack Repair

Carbon Fiber Crack Repair Grid

Over the last decade, carbon fiber has become more prevalent among contractors and engineers involved with various foundation repairs. Emecole Metro has been at the forefront of bringing the best in carbon fiber technology to basement repair contractors. Through that time, our carbon fiber products have continually evolved with the addition of our top and bottom anchoring wall systems to our Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap exceeding stringent accreditation requirements with its ICC-ES certification.

Demonstrating our continued commitment to providing the best in carbon fiber crack repair products, now included in our selection is the Carbon Fiber Grid. These woven-like grids are engineered to protect and preserve low pressure crack injections in foundation walls susceptible to stress loads occurring from active ground movement, soil settlement and/or freeze/thaw cycles.

In such applications, the types of cracks that are most likely to occur will be structural (telltale signs include cracks that are horizontal, diagonal or stair-stepped). While the filling of such cracks via injection of our epoxy or structural polyurethane is usually enough to result in a permanent repair, foundations prone to excess stress will likely result in further crack development.

The added installation of Carbon Fiber Grids is a proactive measure to help avoid such unwanted callbacks. Carbon Fiber Grids easily install into saw-cut openings perpendicular to the crack and bond within each slot via Emecole Metro 4121 Carbon Fiber Epoxy. The high tensile strength of each pre-impregnated and bidirectional Carbon Fiber Grid offsets the stress load. Applicators can continue with the subsequent crack injection with full confidence that the repair will stay permanent while also protecting the surrounding area of the foundation.

Carbon Fiber Grids are available in the Emecole Metro Carbon Fiber Power Grid Kits, providing contractors everything needed for successful structural crack reinforcement. Each kit selection is equipped with the needed installation accessories, including Emecole Metro 4121 Carbon Fiber Epoxy, static mixing nozzles, retaining nuts, a trowel, safety glasses and gloves. The dispensing of epoxy requires the use of your own dual dispensing gun or a standard caulk gun, depending on the epoxy cartridge type (dual cartridge or universal cartridge).

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